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course contents:After Effects


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Course Contents 

Starting a project

The Composition windows

Using the Project window

Working with layers over time

Animating layers independently

Designing backgrounds from scratch

Using Bezier motion paths

Applying effects to filters


Importing footage

Importing layers from Photoshop

Using Alpha channels

Looping video footage

Drafting a project

Interpreting footage


Working with layers

Different layer masking techniques

Creating animated Bezier mattes

Exposing elements of your last project

Trimming and moving layers

Changing playback speed

Changing playback direction

Working with Shape layers

Using Brainstorm to experiment and refine designs


Working with text

Customizing text presets

Animating text

Antialiased text

Using text layers


Working with key frames

Animating graphic elements

Precisely controlling animations

Synchronizing actions


Parent/child relationships

Working with the z-axis

Trimming layers


Introduction to using mattes

Using color keys

Making layers react interactively

Working with multiple effects

Using paths in After Effects

Using adjustment layers

Using the Key light keyer


Compiling your project

Optimising project settings

Rendering the composition


Filters and transitions

An in-depth look at After Effects filters including:


Creating drop shadows

Perspective filters

Using texturise

Setting mattes

Beveling the Alpha channel

Beveling edges of rectangular objects

An in-depth look at transitions

Using the Comp window

Creating text effects

Animating text


More about key frames

Further principles of key framing

Copying and pasting key frames

Key frame assistants

Time reverse key framing

Simultaneously editing multiple key frames


Finalizing your project

Using the pen tool to edit the value graph

Issues involved in interpolation methods

Precise control over velocity

Controlling speed of change

Nesting complex compositions

Mixing interpolation methods


Linear and Bezier interpolation

Previewing in wire frame

Using audio effects

Importing a project from Adobe Premiere


Final rendering

Creating custom rendering templates

Setting field rendering order

Creating PDF video files


Saving your work for film, video, multimedia, mobile devices and the web

Using Device Central

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Training Coordinator.

UK :+44-203-468-0685

USA : +1-703-445-4802

INDIA: +91-8143111555 ; +91-40-64643304 / 06


Email :



Training Coordinator.

UK :+44-203-468-0685

USA : +1-703-445-4802

INDIA: +91-8143111555 ; +91-40-64643304 / 06


Email :


November 21, 2013 — 9:00 am to
May 21, 2018 — 6:00 pm

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